Classic Kitchen Style5

In this project, luxury is a question of atmospheres made up of colours, intimacy, finely-worked details and the ability to transform every kitchen into a masterpiece. The Pantheon project stems from plenty passion mingled with a dose of sentimentality. Aesthetics and quality are becoming increasingly prominent in interior design; it is stimulating to grasp the different interpretation of the spaces defining the compositions displayed in this catalogue. The Royal style, packed full of special characteristics and small details that come together to make a one of a kind product.

pantheon pantheon1 pantheon3 pantheon4 pantheon5 pantheon6 pantheon7 pantheon8 pantheon9 pantheon10 pantheon11 pantheon12 pantheon13 pantheon14 pantheon15 pantheon16 pantheon17 pantheon18 pantheon19 pantheon20 pantheon21 pantheon22 pantheon23 pantheon24 pantheon25 pantheon27 pantheon28 pantheon29 pantheon30 pantheon31 pantheon26

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