LUBE has always conducted its business with the customer’s needs in mind, as well as safety, technological innovation, design and above all the solidity and quality of its products. This is the reason why LUBE has obtained prestigious international certifications over the years, for instance:

CISQ LUBE Industries S.r.l., after having obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:1994 certification, achieved its goal of attaining certification for its Quality Management System in compliance with the international UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Vision 2000) standard, by displaying an ability to supply products which conform to the specifications and expectations of the customer and to the requirements of applicable laws. In particular, the standard’s target of improving customer satisfaction with the effective implementation of the System and the ongoing improvement of the company’s business interests should be highlighted. This general principle is put into practice via a series of specific requirements. These must address the fact that Customer satisfaction has to be the goal at all times, not only in terms of the strict technical or technological aspects of the operation (the product), but also in terms of each aspect of the relationship with the Customer (the service).
  LUBE ECOLOGIC Regarding the production of its kitchen structure components, the LUBE Group has decided to only use materials that release very low levels of formaldehyde. These comply with the F4 star standard, as defined by the JIS regulation. This standard is certified by the Japanese government, which is the most stringent when it comes to environmental safeguards.
certificato-pannello-ecologico ECOLOGICAL PANELS LUBE only uses ecological panels in its furniture which are exclusively supplied by certified companies. “Ecological panels are a guarantee that you have chosen furniture of absolute quality without damaging the environment.”
certificato-cuore-verde-ecopannelli “CUORE VERDE” ECO-PANELS The panels bear the “CuoreVerde” brand, a synonym for the “green” values that are the foundation of the Group’s production policies. Ecosystem recovery The CuoreVerde eco-panel is an industrial product which is manufactured with reused wood-based materials, thus avoiding the need to cut down new trees. Eco-processing The recycling process begins with in-depth checks on the incoming material. Any materials that are rejected are either sent for recycling or disposed of according to law. Respect for nature Glue with low formaldehyde content has been used in the manufacture of this product. The manufacturing process takes place with the greatest respect for current environmental rules. Certified quality system The CuoreVerde eco-panel is produced by companies who have UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality systems.

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