The Steps in a COMPLETE kitchen renovation

Many times when people are beginning to think about renovating their kitchens we are asked “What items should I start with first? Floors? Appliances? Cabinets?”

We tell all our clients that the most successful kitchen renovations begin with the client knowing what cabinet they want. The cabinetry is probably the reason you decided to take on a kitchen renovation in the first place so make sure you absolutely love what you are selecting. Once you have a cabinet style and colour selected you need to go select your appliances. Designs cannot be completed accurately without the measurements of the appliances that will live in your kitchen. This step will allow designers to complete renders of your kitchen and with our clients- they get to see their kitchen up on the big screens in our showroom. Finalize your design and make any necessary adjustments to the interior of your cabinets. Now that your cabinets and appliances have been taken care of you can shift your focus to the flooring and counter options. Kitchen flooring should be durable and able to withstand high traffic and food falling on it from time to time. Many customers like to pick out their counters and backsplash at this time as well but we suggest having an idea of your colour but waiting for the cabinets to be installed so you can take samples in to your space and see what works best.

Once your kitchen is ready for installation the old kitchen and floors can be removed and the installation of the new floors can begin. Removal of old cabinets and flooring takes 2-3 days. Flooring installation typically takes between 2-3 days depending on what is being installed. Once the new floors are in, the kitchen can be delivered and installation can begin. Prior to installation of the cabinets it is a good idea to have the appliances on site so the cabinetry installers can reference them if required. Don’t have your appliances delivered until you know the installation date of your cabinets. It is important to make sure the appliances are not taking up the entire kitchen area. Most kitchen installers will not be happy if their work area is filled with appliances that require moving. Another thing to keep in mind is that once you have your appliances delivered your warranty on them beings. Having them delivered early means the warranty has started but you have no ability to use them— patience is key at this stage. A kitchen install can take 2-3 days depending on the kitchen size. Once the cabinets have been installed and adjustments have been made go out and select a few counter and backsplash samples. Take the samples home and see how they fit in your new kitchen. Once you have selected your counters, the templating for them can begin and then the appliances can be fully installed. Once the counters are in and the appliances are installed you can finish off your new kitchen with the backsplash.